Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grimm Scavenger Hunt Part 2

Here's another peek at the scavenger hunt that the teens will be doing this Friday night.  As I scramble to pull everything together this week and double check my lists I keep reminding myself how much fun this will all be.  Whenever I plan a scavenger hunt I worry that it's not going to go smoothly or I've mixed up a group's clues, but every time it works out just fine.  It helps that I make several checklists as I prepare for an event like this.

I found some old, old cassette tape boxes that the library used to use to house the cassette tape collection.  This made me laugh because the teens will have no idea what these boxes were originally used for.  I thought it would be fun to have the first clue for each group to be presented in a book, so I made a fancy numbered cover and glued it to the cover.  Inside is a small compartment with the first clue rolled up.  Things like this just add a little fun to the game.

The yellow list is a Fairy Barter List.  Part of the game will be to find things in the library (mostly office supplies) that they can trade with the fairies for gold leaf money to purchase necessary items to complete the scavenger hunt.  This will also buy me and the other helpers sometime in between teams during challenges.

Here is what the inside of the case looks like with the clue.

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