Thursday, March 7, 2013

Grimm Scavenger Hunt Part 1

Since I've been hosting lock-ins at the library I've included a scavenger hunt to help the time go by.  This year my Teen Advisory Board wanted to plan the scavenger hunt.  The theme is Grimm Fairy Tales.  I can't say too much yet since the lock-in is not until next weekend, but the basic gist of the game is:
Teens will be the bad guys from various fairy tales.  We branched out a bit from the Grimm tales so we could  have a few more characters involved.  The teens will be breaking out of the fairyland jail and must complete certain tasks to earn gold leaf money (pictured below) and obtain specific objects that will be needed in order to be freed. It's been fun to work with a couple of the teens on this scavenger hunt.  They are full of crazy ideas.  I think we've managed to make most of the ideas possible with a little fixing here and there. 

I will post more pictures from the different stations they will be visiting as I complete them.  
For now I'll leave the gold leaves as a teaser!

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