Monday, March 25, 2013

Literacy Kits

This has taken some time to put together, but it might just be one of my new favorite parts of the children's section.  With part of the money we received from Senator Robach my Director and I took on the task of creating literacy kits.  We wanted to be able to have parents and educators take home a storytime collection in a bag.  We put together 20 kits.  Most contain three books and a puppet.  Others contain flash cards or some sort of manipulative for children and adults to use together.   There are language kits, number kits, shapes...the list goes on and on.  As soon as a kit gets processed we get it out on the cart.  They have been very popular right off the bat.  

Here is a sample of the Letters Kit we put together.  I came across the Eric Carle flash cards while shopping and couldn't resist adding them to this kit.  They are adorable!

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