Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lego Club

I have not had much time to work on my program crafts this week as I get ready for the teen Lock-In that is this Friday.  But I do want to share about Lego Club.  I host Lego Club twice a month at the library.  Years ago I asked the library patrons to donate Old or unwanted Legos to the library.  I now have several bins filled to the max with Legos of all sizes.  This program has been a hit, it used to be held only once a month last year.  The kids and parent's loved it so much that they asked if we could host it more often.  Of course I had to say yes!
 Here's what we do:  The program runs from 4-5pm for children in preschool-6th grade.  Kids sometimes come a bit early so I make sure I have the Legos out by 4:45.  I spread the bins of Legos throughout the room.  Kids are allowed to dump the bins if they wish to.  (Everyone helps to clean up at the end.)  The kids have an hour to build whatever they like.  When they complete a structure I provide name cards and crayons.  Kids can write their first name on the card and if they have a title for their creation they can add that too.  All creations are displayed on top of some of the book shelves in the children's area.  Kids and parents love to come into the library to show of the creations and admires what others have made.  This is a well attended and simple program.

Here's a peak at some of the creations from last Thursday:
It doesn't matter the age or skill level, the kids always have a fun time.

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