Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blind Date with Books!

I was inspired by some other displays similar to this one that I found on Pinterest.  I thought since February is coming up that I would make this display loaded with hearts and give it a Valentine's Day theme.

Here's what the display looks like:

Each book is wrapped with a copy of the barcode taped  to the front.  The sticker has a silly phrase enticing people to take it on a "date".  Take it home, show it your favorite spot so read, share it with your friends...  At the bottom of the sticker there is a line that reads, "This book seeks_____ lovers."  On the blank line I wrote the genre of the book.

My director also decided to do this for the adults.  We created a book review sheet that patrons (teens and adults) can fill out and be entered in a raffle at the end of the month to win a $15.00 Barnes & Noble gift card.

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