Friday, January 11, 2013

iPad Apps for the Library

I've had the iPads for a week now and have found so many great apps to use in Storytime and in other library programs.  I took the time to test out every app, my husband had fun helping too.  I found that some of the apps I would definitely use in a storytime setting while others I put on the iPads for parents and kids to use in the children section.  Our plan is to try and get the iPads set up in the library today.  I'll post pictures once that is all set, but for now here our the apps I am currently using and liking.  I will continue to update these lists as time

For kids/parents to use:

  • ABC House by Peapod Labs LLC
  • Awesome Eats by Whole Kids Foundation
  • Baby Aquarium by Kids Place
  • BrainPOP Featured Movie by BrainPOP
  • Grandma's Garden by Fairlady Media
  • Motion Math Zoom by Motion Math
  • Motion Math: Hungry Fish by Motion Math
  • Motion math: Wings by Motion Math
  • Nursery Rhymes with StoryTime by ustwo
  • The Opposites by Mindshapes Limited
  • PBS KIDS Video by PBS KIDS
  • Scribble Press by Scribble Press
  • SketchMoo 2 by MOOODFKA LTD
  • Smash Your Food HD by Food N' Me
  • Sushi Monster by Scholastic
  • Tap A Tune by Mindshapes Limited
  • Toca Tailor Fairy Tales by Toca Boca AB
  • Wheels on the Bus HD by Duck Duck Moose
  • Working on the Railroad by Tiger Stripes LLC
  • Weird But True by National Geographic Society

To use in Storytime:

  • Animal Sounds by Innovative Mobile Apps
  • Don't Let the Pigeon Run This App! by Disney
  • Feed the Animals by Curious Fingers
  • Peekaboo Forest by Night & Day Studios, Inc.
  • Toca Robot Lab by Toca Boca AB

(there's only a couple because I haven't met with the teen group yet to see what other apps they would like)

  • Icon Pop Quiz by Alegrium
  • iMovie by Apple

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