Friday, January 11, 2013

Circus Craft

Here is a craft I made up for a preschool visit I have coming up.  I wanted to make something new besides the usual paper plate animals (which are adorable), the kids already made some in class.  I plan on reading the book Up and Down by Oliver Jeffers which features a penguin who really wants to fly.  The penguin ends up being shot out of a cannon at a traveling show.  I used that as my inspiration for the craft.  Just by using Google images I found a simple cannon to print out on cardstock for kids to color and a penguin that just happens to me nice and round-like a cannon ball!  The penguin is glued to a colored popsicle stick and a slit is cut in the front of the cannon for the penguin to fit through.  The kids can pretend to shoot the penguin out of the cannon.  Here's what the project looks like.  I just made this up so it is super easy to adapt and if you are great at drawing you can have a lot of fun with it.

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