Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recycled Paper Flowers

I found this craft after a bit of searching.  I originally saw a picture of these flowers on Pinterest, but there was no link to instructions.  After a little bit of web searching I found this link to origami flowers.  Instead of using origami paper I used the pages from discarded books.  The instructions from the website say to use a 6" x 6"  piece of paper.  I couldn't get that size out of the book I was using so I experimented with a 5" and 4" square.  I personally like the 4" square the best.

You can use a glue stick to glue the petals together or I found that the heavy duty double sided sticky tape that I have here at the library works really well.  For now I have green pipe cleaners stuck through the middle of the flowers for stems, but I will be visiting the craft store this weekend to purchase some floral wire.

I will be doing this craft with the teens for the upcoming Art Club.

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