Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Paper Bag Notebook

While prowling through Pinterest I came across this neat post about 5 minute book binding by Brittany Watson Jepsen.  It took me a little more than 5 minutes to make mine, but with a little practice I can see how a person could easily whip one of the bad boys up in that short amount of time.  I decided to use this in my Teen Art Club.  The best part about these little notebooks is that there's NO GLUE!  I swear my teens make a bigger mess with glue than the preschoolers.  :-)    

I followed Brittany's tutorial.  She has great step by step picture instructions.  I had brown paper lunch bags in my supplies closet to use for the covers.  She forgoes scissors and tears her paper using the edge of the ruler.  My skill with that technique is not quite up to par yet, so I resorted to using scissors.  
The sewing part for the binding is easy to figure out.  The teens should not have a problem with this task. 

Using colored pencils I added some fun Aztec designs to me cover.  Now I have this cute little notebook to doodle in or take notes.

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