Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall Leaf Crafts

As I was planning my Fall Evening Storytimes, I decided to change things up a bit this year.  I'm working on finding that activity that is just right for my first session. I'm reading books about Fall colors and leaves.  The last two  years I've done Fusion Paper leaves using liquid watercolor.  They always come out great-but they take too long to dry.  Here's what I came up with as alternatives.  
The first is still using my leaf shaped fusion paper (you can also use coffee filters and cut them into the leaf shapes) and markers.  This is fun for the kids because they can color all over the leaf and then mist it with water.  The kids will be entertained as the colors bleed together.  For the frame I cut two leaf shapes out of card stock and glued to either side of the colored leaf.  This method of coloring the leaf dries quickly and comes out nice.

The second leaf  I made with glitter and Mod Podge.  This one is slightly on the messy side because glitter just has a way of getting everywhere! The kids will be given paintbrushes and Mod Podge and work in small sections to cover their leaves with different fall colored glitter.  

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