Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mason Jar Terrariums

I must be one crazy Librarian to do a project like this, but it was so much fun.  The teens loved it!  It's a bit on the messy side, but the end results are adorable.  For these terrariums I used mason jars and small Cacti.
I was able to purchase the mason jars for about $0.75 each, the Cacti were $2.99 each, and the figurines I had on hand at the library.  Everything else was purchased from a garden store.  
What you will need:
  • Charcoal (for drainage/mold)
  • Soil
  • Small rocks (for drainage)
  • Small plant (I used Cactus)
  • Small figures to place in jar
  • Tongs
  • A lot of patience!

Place a small amount of charcoal at the bottom of the mason jar.  Place a scoop of soil on top of that.  Take a handful of small rocks and put them in next, cover with another scoop of soil.  Remove your plant from any containers and break the roots up.  Using your tongs, place the plant inside the mason jar.  Work it down into the dirt so that the plant can stand up.  Using the tongs again place any figures or other objects (stones,shells, beads, etc.) 
Here is what the teens came up with today.  We made a couple to decorate the library with too!
As you can see, some of us had a a lot of fun with the figures that went inside the jars.  :-)  
We used gofers, gnomes, and lizards to add to our terrariums.  

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