Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Grimm Scavenger Hunt Part III

It's been awhile since I've been at the library and actually had time to sit at my desk.  I've been meaning to update about the scavenger hunt that I did at the last lock-in.  The kids loved it and had a lot of fun completing the scavenger hunt.

As a bonus for the hunt kids had to earn extra gold leaves (which are featured in the first post about the scavenger hunt).  They completed different tasks such as avoiding having tea with Grandma by reading her a picture book and making her fall asleep.  Another challenge was dueling with a delusional knight( we used pool noodles as the swords).  I'm sure their favorite stop was at the Candy Cafe where the evil witch had a candy bar and juice.  The teens had to be careful not to eat too much candy or the witch would gobble them up like she wanted to with Hansel and Gretel.

Another way to earn gold leaves was a short Grimm Quiz.  This was a multiple choice quiz about the original Grimm Tales.  For each correct answer the teams were given half a point (gold leaf).  It took me awhile to find some Grimm trivia online.  Here is what I compiled for the quiz:

1) What were the first names of the Grimm brothers?

a) Josef and Gunter
b) Sigmund and Frederick
c) Werner and Karl
d) Wilhelm and Jacob

2) The traditional folktale Briar Rose is also known as: _________.
a) Cinderella
b) Rapunzel
c) Sleeping Beauty
d) Snow White

3) Brothers Grimm fairy tales are known for their beautiful princesses and ugly witches. What percentage of the stories make reference to physical appearance?
a) less than 25 percent
b) 50 percent
c) 75 percent
d) more than 90 percent

4) In the original version of Cinderella, the main character received her lovely ball gown from __________.
a) a kindly neighbor
b) a magic tree
c) a magical mouse
d) her fairy godmother

5) In the original version of the tale, what did Rumplestiltskin do when the queen guessed his name, freeing her child from the dwarf's clutches?
a) He disappeared, never to be seen again.
b) He held his breath until he exploded.
c) He placed a curse on the queen's family.
d) He tore himself in half.

d) Wilhelm and Jacob
c) Sleeping Beauty
d) more than 90 percent
b) a magic tree
d) He tore himself in half.

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