Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting Teens Involved

Over the last few years my library has turned into the hangout for teens.  They love to hide away in the teen lounge or play chess  by the magazines.  The computers are always teaming with kids and teens after school. The issue I've run into this year is program attendance.  I've always polled the teens for the types of programs they want to attend at the library and plan based on that.  I've polled the teens this summer and they like the programs we have, but the do not come for the program.  They will be in the library, but don't want to participate in the programs.  Art Club and Teen Advisory Board are the only teen ones that are attended.  They do not even come for game day anymore.  I've considered changing the time of programming, or maybe I need to change the programs themselves.  The teens are aware of when programs are.  It's posted all over the library and internet.  It's obviously time for change and with the new year coming I plan to change the teen programming at the library so that it suits the teens better.
Time to get planning!

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