Friday, October 26, 2012

TAB Explosion!

I just have to share how awesome the teens are at the Parma Public Library!  The president of the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is just amazing.  She is super outgoing and getting all of her friends involved this year.   Tab went from having only 4 members left at the beginning of the year to 10 members last month.  I was informed last week that there are 12 more teens interested in joining TAB!  I cannot believe how much this group has grown and how active they have become in the library and community.  I've left them in charge of planning the scavenger hunt for the next library lock-in and they  have come up with some great ideas.  I'm so impressed with these teens.  This group has been very vocal in what they think the library needs for teens and the rest of the patrons.  They are very eager to be involved in children's programming and are working on programs that they can fit into.  I can't wait til the next meeting with them!  

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