Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fun Activity for Teens

A few weeks ago my Teen Advisory Board (TAB) started their own Twitter account.  The current officers are all extremely tech savvy so I let them branch out a bit on their own with me checking in on them every now and then.  Right now they are using the Twitter account TABYou'reIt to give hints about the them for our next library lock-in that they are planning.

I was flipping through my October issue of VOYA and saw an article about short activities for teens written by Rebecca C. Moore.  One is called Story in a Tweet.  Basically a teen has to write a complete story using only the 140 characters allowed in a single tweet.  BRILLIANT!!!  I posed this challenge to the library teens and told them that the TAB group would vote for their favorite story and the winner will get a $5 gift certificate to our local coffee shop (that is oh so conveniently located across the street from the library).  I can't wait to see what stories they will come up with.

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