Monday, October 28, 2013

5 Little Ghosts Felt Board and Poem

I found the Five Little Ghost poem in Twiggle Magazine and decided to make a felt haunted house and all the characters to go along with it.  Here's what I and two of my clerks, Robin & Mikayla came up with.
Aren't these adorable?!
We started with the Castle and ghosts.
The ghosts can be taken off and put back as needed for the poem.
I can't wait to share this with my Storytime kids!
UPDATE:  I did this in Storytime and the kids loved it.  I passed out the ghosts as we read the poem and had the kids bring them back up to the haunted house as they counted the ghost in the last verse.  We did this a couple times so everyone could have a chance to put something on the board.  On the second time around I passed out the monster, witch, skeleton, spider, and cat and had the kids bring up the item in their hand as they appeared in the poem.  This kept them engaged as well.

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