Thursday, May 16, 2013

Inkodye (Sun-Dyed) Bracelets

Here is another project that I will be doing with the teens this summer using Inkodye by Lumi.  I used a wooden bangle bracelet as the base.  Be sure there is no finish on the bracelet.  If there is, simply grab some sand paper and sand it off until you have smooth, bare wood.  If there is any finish left on the bracelet it will not allow the dye to soak into the wood leaving bare spots.  

First paint the bracelet with two coats of Inkodye.

We decided to try lace wrapped tightly around the bracelet and taped on the inside.  It's important to get the lace as snug as possible so that the lace pattern will show up in the end.
Now you're ready to sit out in the sun and wait for your ink to develop.  8 minutes for a sunny day 16 minutes for a not so sunny day.
(Smile, Mikayla!)
We weren't satisfied with the coloring on the first try so we brought our bracelets indoors and added another coat of Inkdye right over the lace.
After another 8 minutes in the sun we were happy with the coloring of our bracelets.
Bring the bracelets inside and unwrap the lace.  Ta Da! don't those look great?!  Not done yet.

Next grab some dish detergent and warm water.  Get ready to scrub, scrub, scrub.  Be sure to get all the Inkodye off or else the next time you go outside with your new bracelet it will all turn one color and your design will be lost. 
The color will fade a bit after scrubbing, but look at these beauties!
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